Google Ads Fundamentals (101) Training Course

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RATE: R6500 Per Person

Special: 10% Discounted Rate if you book before 4 July (R5850)

Venue: Conference Center Cape Town / Highveld Technopark in Midrand or One-on-One Sessions at Your Office or Other Venue

Google Ads Training is essential in running successful Google Ads campaigns. When you complete the Google Ads training, you are on your way to get a firm understanding of best practices. Learn to build your first campaign, identify common errors that are costing you money or can cost you money. Set up your goals, account structure, and tracking by using Google Ads Editor.

This Google Ads training course is aimed at people who have limited or no knowledge of Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC), and want to learn the fundamentals of the platform & how it can assist you or your business.

We will cover all you need to know regarding Google Ads and PPC from basic principles through to creating efficient, well-structured campaigns.

We will discuss learnings, keyword methodology, how to write great ad copy, improve quality score, ad extensions, optimization tips & much more.

If you’re responsible for running your own Google AdWords campaigns, or manage an agency that runs it for you, this invaluable course will empower you to learn and achieve more.

By the end of the course you will have the ability to set up and launch campaigns and be confident to run these campaigns based on your business goals.

Below is an overview of what you will learn when signing up for the Google Ads training.

The Google Ads Training Course will Cover the Following:

  • Introduction to SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Introducation to  Google AdWords/PPC
  • Terminology explanation
  • Defining strategy & Goals
  • Landing Page Best Practice
  • Match Type Overview
  • How to write great ad copy
  • What is Quality Score and how to improve it
  • Adwords Interface Overview
  • Keyword methodology & Research
  • Negative keywords
  • Account Structure
  • Campaign Creation & Settings
  • Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Basic Google Analysis & Metrics
  • Adwords Editor Interface
  • Match Types Recap
  • Campaign Setting & Structure Recap
  • Ad Extensions Overview & Implementation
  • Bid management
  • Reporting
  • Basic Account Optimisation
  • Reporting Overview

Personal Adwords Fundamentals Tutoring:  @ R6500 PP (Discounted Rate for 2+)


Google Ads Group Sessions: (2+ per booking) @ R5500 PP

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