Google Adwords Consulting & Campaign Management

We Specialize in Google Adwords and Have over 15 Years Experience in the National & Global Market. We are a Small Agency who Thrive on Delivering the Best Results for Our Clients. We Believe that Quality Campaign Planning, Setup, Implementation & Optimization along with Tracking Results Effectively, play a vital role in getting these results. We Work Closely with Our Clients to Ensure that we Understand our Clients’ Goals are of the Utmost Importance.  Making sure that every Rand is Allocated & Spent in the Correct Way, Ensures that we Have Happy Customers and Ultimately Succeed as a Business. We Have Senior Staff Working on Your Accounts to Ensure top Results. 

Existing Accounts: Unhappy with Your Performance & Need Some Assistance?

  • We Offer a FREE Audit on Existing Accounts within 24 Hours
  • We will Send a Detailed Report on What Needs to Be Done, Along with a Quote & Plan on How to Get There.

New Google Adwords Accounts: Need more Leads or Sales & Someone to Manage It?

  • We Will Have a Free Consultation with You, Listen to Your Needs & Business Goals.
  • There is a Once off Fee Required for Setup and Tracking and a Monthly Management Fee.
  • Once we Have Discussed your Requirements & How Much Work is Involved, 
  • We will Send a Proposal of What Needs to Be Done, Along with the Quote – within 24 Hours.

Need Some One-On-One Training Sessions or a Full Day or 2 Day Training Workshop?

  • We Have an Hourly Rate for Skype Calls / One-on-One Sessions / Full 1 or 2 Day Training Workshops.
  • Call Us to Discuss What You Require & We can Give you a Tailored Quote to Suit Your Requirements (Read More Below)

 We have Various Adwords Packages Available:

  –  Call Us Today to Discuss Your Business Needs so that We Can Provide You with the Best Solution for Your Business.


Training Workshops

 Advanced Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC) Tailored Training / Consultation

  • We provide customized Adwords Consulting and Training Solutions for beginners, because we know that requirements vary and we want to ensure that you get the optimum results, to suit your individual profile.
  • One on one (two) training sessions for a few hours per week over a few weeks / months or daily training sessions
  • MonthlyWorkshops with larger classes
  • We give you an overview of SEM to build your first campaign, identify common errors that are costing you money. Set up your goals, account structure and AdWords Editor Live. Get interactive training from Google-Certified .
  • Optimize your campaigns and learn how to avoid unnecessary overspending. Learn display advertising and take your online advertising to the next level.
  • If it seems that none of our training dates fit in with your busy schedule, then we’re happy to discuss other options based on our Tailored training solutions.
  • Our Tailored Training courses are offered throughout the year. Looking to train a group within your business or would you prefer it if we do the workshop to your location? (Cape Town only). We will assist you to establish the right course for your needs. (Or work with you to create the course or courses you need to achieve your  goals).
  • We’ve found this solution proves really popular with universities, students, educational institutions, publishing and financial organisations and especially start-up businesses, SME’s or Verticle. Whatever your sector, we tailor cost-effective training  for groups or individuals from your business.

Our Tailored Adwords Consulting, Pay Per Click (PPC) and Training Courses allow you to choose:

  • The class size you want
  • The location you want
  • The course you want
  • The customised content you want
  • The dates you want
  • The duration you want

These are the Google Digital Marketing Services that we Offer: